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We are Dealers for Electromotive Ignition systems and Developers.  In our in house racing program using the four cylinder Mercury Mod engines running the Mercury Mageto we had been limited to the RPM our engines would turn.  The points would flutter, the timing belt would stretch which upset the timing.  We did a lot of testing trying to find out why we could not accelerate out of the corners or why we heard variations in the RPM's.  We  found that the timing belt would stretch back and forth causing the engine speed to change by 300 to 400 RPM.  To sove this we had to get rid of the magneto, that is where Electromotive came in.  After initail contact with their development department and we continued on to develope the installation of the system including various mounts and wiring.  The system provides a tremendous spark (actually lethal), can be programed to what ever advance/retard curve you want and can be checked with a lap top computer.  Give Alan a call 337-304-0379 to find out more and to give you an idea of the cost depending upon the system configuration.


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