Un restored Mark 20H with pressure fuel tank, former Jon Woods Engine

Product no.: Mark 20H 789594

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Mercury Mark 20H serial number 789594 un restored engine formerly raced and owned by the late Jon Woods.  This engine comes with a unrestored 3.5 gallon pressure fuel tank with new dual line hose. The engine is still factory sealed. It turns over with good compression. The paint is good original paint with knicks and scratch marks due to use as a racing engine.  Short skeg with 1:1 gears and a nice prop shaft.  Original rubber thumb screws in poor condition. Serial tag is in excellent shape.  The fuel tank is shown in the photo near the top of the overal engine page. The throttle connector is original as are the spark plug wires (notice the ribs on the Packard 440 wire) and original K3 spark plugs. There is the original Carter N carb.  I have not removed the flywheel to see what shape the ignition system is in.  There are not cracks or welds on the engine. The metal plug is even present for the fuel connector as is the factory seal. It appears that everything is there and would be perfect for someone wanting to preserve a part of Mercury Outboard racing history or to do a perfect restoration.  The engine was sold to Jon by Quincy Welding.  We will build a crate to ship the engine via UPS Freight for the cost of the lumber.  Shipping cost will be added to the price of the engine and crate.

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