Mark 20H Serial No. 789325, Unrestored

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This 1956 Mark 20H had never been apart when we purchased it.  We used this engine in the book we wrote to help people restore their engines to factory look.  The only thing we took apart was the magneto, only removing the flywheel for the first time.  The magneto was left as we found it so not to distrub the factory location of components. It is a piece of Mercury history but that is not to say it cannot be restored.  It would make a great starting place for a spectacular restoration project since everything is there. It even has its original K3 Spark Plugs, the bullet style tilt pin, Carter N carb and the fuel connector cap. We have additional pictures available.  This engine is available for local pick up in Lake Charles, LA or we can ship in a custom made crate.  Please figure it will take 10 days to construct the crate and either the purchaser or we can arrange freight.  The cost of the wood crate will be $125.00 and shipping cost will be paid by the purchaser.

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