Mercury Mark 75H Clone Incomplete

Mercury Mark 75H Clone Incomplete

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Mercury Mark 75H CLONE purchased from Charlie Williams. We were told Howard Andersen worked on this engine.  Engine is nearly complete with the correct 75H Mid Section, Gear Case with a cut down propshaft inorder to accept 55H size propellers.  The engine has the correct carbs, KA6A, correct clamp bracket with a Mark 75 serial tag that has an "H" stamped after the serial number. It has the same exhaust system that was used to set the Outboard Speed record with a Mercury experimental part number.  It is missing the top cowling and the knob for the front face plate. It uses a Mark 55H top cowl and rewind and a standard screw nut for the front shield.  The wrap is a standard Mark 75 wrap which needs to be cut and modified to fit the open exhaust.  The top cowling will need to be cut to allow clearance for the open exhaust manifold. The block is a standard Mark 75 block and the crankcase is from a Mark 78 that has the wider stud locaton for the carb mounting. There maybe some other small items needed and we will try to supply those missing parts for someone that wants to complete this Tower of Power.  This engine will be crated and shipped via freight at actual costs.  We will not separate the engine to ship in boxes.  Or the buyer can pick it up at our Lake Charles location.   SOLD AS IS

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